Today, i woke up at 6.00am. I have breakfast with cereal. We went to school so early. The geography room did’t open, so i and Rachel have walked around school for many cycles. The first class we learnt geograhy, we watched some videos. The second class is history. The third class is band class. The forth class we went to gym. The fifth class we learnt physics. But today my teacher didn’t teach, he told about his life. It’s funny. Then we had lunch. The last class i learnt biology with Hannah. When the school finnished, Rachel told me that i can go to play skate with friends. While i waited for T.George and T.Pat, i ate ice-cream with Hannah. Then we went outside to watch softball competition. T.George and T.Pat let me have dinner at chinese restaurant. We go to play skate at 6.30pm. I and my friend were very happy. We played a lot of things. We played card. I met their host families and buddies. The skate is finnished at 8.30pm. Then i went to home. I feel very funny this day haha.