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On this day, I woke up at 6.10 P.M.  . I did my routines as usual. After that, I worked on my blogs.  Then, George and Pat came in. They told the others to wake up. Next, the others did their routines as usual.   Later on, we heated our breakfasts. Mine was Macaroni and Cheese. It was quite delicious. George and Pat also came on other occasions to give us some more food and other things.   For sometime later, Muk told us that we would need to wait downstairs.  So, we went downstairs.  We talked to the other students for some time and played with each other. Then, George and Pat came down and briefed us about what would we do today. We walked outside  to the train station. Next, we  got on the train to Downtown Chicago again. We were on the train for an hour. After that, we walked from the station there to a bus stop. We got on a bus that  drove to the Field Museum. We got out there. Then, we walked into the museum. We talked , relaxed and took some photos while we waited for George to deal with the tickets.  Later on, we went into the museum. We separated into 3 groups. My group consisted of Plakaow, Peem and I. We went to the Vikings’ exhibit. This exhibits contained many things about or related to the aspects of the Vikings’ lives. We found many interesting artifacts like boats, weapons, ropes and icons that were related to the Nordic gods. They were quite interesting.  Next, we  looked at the Native American exhibits. We found the clothes their wear and  a part about a modern Native American who made some artworks related to the present day and the Native Americans. It was quite good. After that, we went to the main hall and took some photos with the T-Rex, Sue which was the museum’s main exhibit. Then, we went to the exhibits about animals. First, we looked at the mammals in Asia and Africa. The ones included in the exhibits were  the notorious Lions of Tsavo.  These 2 Lions had killed some railway workers in that area before getting killed.  Next, we went to the sections about humans, primates, cats and dogs. They were quite interesting. Then, we went to the bird exhibits. We saw some interesting kinds of  birds there. After that, we  looked at the exhibits about extinct and endangered animals. Later on, we  went  upstairs and found more information about the T-Rex and other things. They were quite interesting. Then, we went downstairs to the T-Rex and joined up with George, Pat and other students.

Later on, we walked passed some roads to an area where there two artificial fountains. We stayed there for some time before moving the Bean. The Bean was  a large metallic and a reflective bean. We took some photos there. It was quite interesting.   Next, we walked again to some streets until we reached Subway. I sat with Plakaow there. We had 2 meatball sandwiches as our lunches. They were quite delicious. We also got some drinks there too. After that, we got out of the restaurant and walked again. It began to rain a little bit. We saw 3 African-Americans preparing to dance on the sidewalk. They told  the people to get closer.   Then, they began dancing and made some maneuvers. It was ok. After the show was finished, we went to Dylan’s Candy Store.  I looked at the candies and other things there, but I didn’t buy anything.  When we got out from the store, George pointed out that there were some stones from various places around the world.  At first, there were some stones from different landmarks around the world like the Great Pyramids and Petra. Then, I spotted  rocks from different WWII sites that the U.S. had participated in like Omaha Beach, Remagen Bridge, Aachen City Hall, Anzio Beach and Pearl Harbor. That was quite interesting. I took lots of photos in that area, because of this. My friends couldn’t understand why I was photographing what they were thinking as just stones.  Then, we walked further until we reached the AMC Theater. George  and Pat said that they would let us watch Avengers: The Age of Ultron in the theater.    George dealt with the tickets, while he also got us the 3D Glasses. Next, we began lining up near the theater we would be watching. After that, we went in there and watched the movie. The movie was quite nice. It was about the Avengers fighting against an artificial intelligence system named Ultron and his robot army.  Later on, we walked from the theater. It was raining. So, we had to make dashes or take some cover in order to get away from the rain. No one had expected this before, so we were kind of unhappy.   That was a really bad experience. I wasn’t quite sure if this would made me sick or not. We had to wait for George who was trying to find the restaurant for us, but most of the restaurants in the area were  bars or fully reserved. So, he decided to let eat at Star of Siam which was a Thai restaurant. I was happy that we wouldn’t be wet for the time being , and we would also get a meal too . George and Pat said that this restaurant was the one  we were going to eat tomorrow, but they had talked to the restaurant already.  So, we went there. At first, we were served with some Som Tam which was a spicy papaya salad. It was quite ok. Then, the Thai Fish Cakes were served, it was good.  Next, the fried chicken came in. Everyone tried to get it as soon as possible. It was very delicious. After that, the waiters and the waitresses served us Tom Yum Kung (Spicy soup with shrimp eaten as a main course in Thailand.)  It was quite delicious. Later on, the stir-fried beans were served. It was good, but some people weren’t willing to eat it. Finally, we were served with some coconut ice cream. It was ok for me. George also brought us some raincoats. We thanked him for that.  We went out again with the raincoats. It was quite better than the not having a raincoat. We walked into a train station and rode on a train again. We then got out on the station near the hotel.  Next, George briefed us about tomorrow again. Then, we got back to the hotel. I typed my blogs before getting to bed at about 11 P.M. .

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