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Last night Clara and I needed to baked some cookies for tomorrow.We finished it around 11 o’clock then we went upstairs and ready to went to bed around 11:30 but Clara and I talked until midnight then we went to bed.Clara started talk to me about LINE Stickers because she saw me used this app and it was kind of all in one,she said,it used for Texting Free Call FaceTime and Post something on Time Line.When we finished talk about LINE then she wanted to play the Rubik’s Cube so I taught her a fish pattern and she could do it! Just remember “Up Right Down Right Up Right Right Down” and everyone can do it.We continue talking about her friend name “Calvin” that he carried dictionary all the time and when teacher had a little bit mistake liked forget one “E” he would raise his hand and say “You forget one E overthere” so he likes a joker in the classroom.Then we talked my school that I went to in Canada England and Thailand.At that time was around 11:50 Clara and I were getting tired so we agreed to went to bed.Then we went to bed at midnight!

Today was a weekend no school! and last night I went to bed late so I can get up late.This morning I woke up at 8:10 then I would go shopping with Michelle,my host mom because Clara needed to go to church.We left our house around 10:15 then we stopped Petro station to filled the car and bought some water.Then we went back home to picked Cole up and stopped at Billion high school for Cole soccer practice.We went to a big store in Appleton and at the mall I found a perfume that my mom wanted last year “Ralph Lauren Blue” but I wasn’t sure that it was a right one.So I didn’t buy it but Michelle said that if it was a right one we can come back here.At lunch time we had Subway for lunch.Then we went to ToysRus to bought some Lego for my brother and Garrett.My brother’s lego was cost 99.47 $ so that was about 3300 bath,my mom gonna kill me.Then went to the other store to my some liquid paper for me and we went to Christian stores to found something for Cole.Then we went downtown of Appleton to the store “Walmart” to find a calculator for my cousin but we couldn’t find any so we had to go to the other store “Walgreens” but we couldn’t find it again so the next store was “Target” and we couldn’t find it again so we went back home.On the way back we had to stopped at the church to piced up Cole and Clara.One more thing special on the way home I saw a mirage like it had oil on the road! We at home around 3:30 we had hot dog then 4 o’clock we went to the store to bought some color book crayons chalk and bubble makers for 2 kids that we gonna their babysitter.We went back home to picked up Garrett and we left our home around 4:40.We came to Aunt Mary Jo’s house at 5 o’clock and we met new 2 kids “Gracyn” and “Bennett”.We played “Hidden Seek” for a while then around 6:15 we went outside to draw some chalks on the sidewalk and played some bubble until 6:45 we went inside.Then Gracyn and I painted the cartoon together until 8 o’clock Gracyn and Bennett had to go to bed.

Today the weather was so nice.It was a sunny day and little bit windy.So today I wear just a short and I don’t want a jacket.Tomorrow we need to go to watch a baseball game with the dome open so I hope that the weather will be nice like today.

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