Today I woke up early and we prepare to go to Discovery World in Milwaukee. When we there the Discovery is big. We went in and make a tour in their. They have an Aquarium that have many fish. We went in behind the scenes of the aquarium. We saw a baby shark small corals. Then we go to the Technology sides. The discovery is near the Lake Michigan. In the technology part we saw many things they have a bad of nail. All of us go and laid in the bed. Then we going to the Bucks Game. We go and eat at the Cheesecake Factory. Then we go to the Bucks game. When we go there they have a Bucks Cheerleaders  giving out their autographs. We also get it. Then we go in the stadium. When the game starts for a while the score is so close. In the ends the bucks lose. When we going out we saw people watching the Badgers vs the Wild Cats. The Wild Cats is undefeated until now. The Championship in going in Monday. Go Badgers Go!!!