Today is the last day in St. Louis and I woke up at 7 o’clock and ate breakfast around 7:10 am. Then I packed all my stuff in the suit case and waited for a room check. Then we loaded the bus and then we had a long trip to Springfield, IL. We were at Lincoln Museum. It was so interesting, there were a lot of historical stuff. First we watched the movie about historicist, it was about ghost in the library. First I thought it was a room with an actor, but I was wrong it was a hologram!! And it made me goose bump not because it was scary, but because the story that the movie expressed to us. Then we went to another exhibition about Lincoln’s life with he was in the white house and civil war. Then we watched another movie about Lincoln history it called The Eyes of Lincoln. Then we went back to bus and drove for another 4-5 hours. Finally, we were at Manitowoc safely. I was so tired so I did my laundry and then went to bed.