Today is Saturday I like it because I can wake up late but today we can’t too late because we have to go to temple. We leave home around 9.30 and at 10 o’clock we start chant and end everything around 11.10 am. We will leave but they say it’s have Thai food for lunch and I wait for that:) Then at 12.15 we aye lunch it’s very delicious I love it!!! It’s have sticky rice,chicken and a lot of Thai food!! Then we back home we start to paint from eggs. First blow the yolk from egg we do 16 eggs. The put the water color inside. Then put a Scott tape for do the letter We do a Fah+Jose then we go to the backyard an DC start throw eggs to the board then finish the backyard is have a lot of color. We have to clean up before Teresa come back!!!! We start clean up at 2.45 and finish I wake up very fast. Helen from same street come and help us Thanks! And we start clean up at 3.30 and now in your shirt and pants have a lot of color. We take a shower wash our hair and go to play at tambourine. Then we ate spaghetti for dinner it’s good!! Then we go up stairs and talk,play I like that time.