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Today is Saturday . I got up at 8.55 A.M. I can got up late on weekend . When I got up , I went to wash my face in a bathroom . Then I went to sit in a living room . When I arrived at living room , I was very exciting . Because in front of me there are many guns lay on the table and floor . They were laid here because dad will use them today . He will go shooting but we didn’t go with him . He introduced me every guns that laid in front of me . They were very cool . Then I sit in the living room till 11 O’clock . Dad went out already that time . Then I cooked my ramen noodle for my breakfast and my lunch . So , I ate two packs of them . It was very good . I was very full . Then we prepare ourselves to go outside . We went to barbershop first . We went there because Junior and I want to cut our hair . I got a very smart hair style there . Then we went to Hobby Lobby for mom to buy her cottons . After that we went to YMCA . We arrived at YMCA early a little bit . Then we waited inside a building . Then for a few minutes , T. George , P’Pat , Toto , and Jeed came . Then T. George , Toto , Jeed , Junior , and I went to swim in a pool inside the building . We played with another friends that came later . We played a lot of game that can play in water . We stayed there for about one hour . Then we changed our cloths and went outside . Junior and I came out last . So , we lost in the building and I lead . We lost for a couple minutes then we could find the way to the lobby ( hahaha ) . It looked like a maze there . Then when we came out , we stayed in the lobby with T. George , P’Pat , and Nemo’s host family . We got some foods and drink . Another went to play tennis upstairs but we didn’t go play with them . Then for a few minutes they came down . Then T. George taught me a magic trick with card . It was very cool . I was very exciting . Then T. George let me show my friends . They were confuse and surprise with this trick . Then we came home . We stayed in the living room when we came back . Then mom went out to get a supper . It was BBQ ribs . It was very delicious . I also had boiled potato as a dinner too . Then we watched a movie in the living room . It was Wolverine . Then dad came back . We watched another movie in that time . It was Godzilla . Then when it ended , I went to take a shower . Then I upload blog and go to bed .

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