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Last night I was the last person that went to bed.I went to bed around 9:30 and today I had to get up early for the bus.I woke up around 6:20 and the bus came at 7 o’clock.We were at school around 7:45 and we went upstairs to start the first class.Same like yesterday I had to go with Grace for a couple first class.The first class was Math then Science.In Math class we had some candies then in Science class we had some popcorn.After that Grace had to go downstairs for an exam so I had to wait for Clara in Science class and Cleaned up the table because last class we had too much popcorn so I had to put it in the bags.Then we went to Math class and today is Alex’s birthday so we had some sweet for his birthday treat.After that we had Line Time then Band WIN Time and Tech Ed.In Line Time today we finished chapter 4 and we had a homework that was we had to finish chapter 5.And in WIN Time we painted the golf course in white made it like an ice but the paint wasn’t enough so we have to buy it more in this weekend and we will continue paint it next week.In Tech Ed our group project almost done we just use it tomorrow then it will be done.School over at 3:05 but we didn’t go home because we were volunteers that helped for consetion stand.I stayed downstairs for a while then Clara came down and say “Pang Lilly’s here!” and she took me upstairs to see her.I saw her with her host family and I talked to her a little bit then I went to watch a game.I watched the game for a little bit then I went downstairs because it cold out there.Around 5 o’clock Lily came down with her host sister to buy some food then she went upstairs.Around 5:40 I went outside with Jessica because I had nothing to do inside.Then around 7 o’clock we left the school and Mikayla’s mother drove for us.And around 7:45 I watched the show “Donut Showdown” with Clara until 9 o’clock.

Today the weather was better.There was sunny and little bit windy today.So we could do anything outside now,HURRAY!

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