Today is fantastic Friday because it will have weekend so I can sleep a long night day and wake up late. I woke up and have a nice breakfast. It is a nachos that left from supper yesterday but it still good when I heat it in microwave. Then we get to school but I forgot my jacket at home but weather help me because to day is not that cold and it pretty warm. I like this weather. So today is fun at school. We have GYM class in the morning when the school start. We played volleyball and I never played it before so I don’t know how to played but I still learn and know I know how to played and it was very fun. Then we have soc. science and math so today math have homework but I finish it in class. 🙂 Then we ate lunch and have recess. Everyday at recess I like to played zombies tag with my friends. But today we have to recess because another one is reward today. So in reward recess I played zombies tag again but like 15 minutes before we get in I like to played kick ball. The rues is almost same at baseball but we use kick. It was pretty fun. Then we have a math win that is a hard math for challenge your self but today everybody have to practice for exam in their own laptop but I don’t have and don’t have to do the exam so I do the practice is name Brain teaser. It was very fun and challenge my self. Then when finish school and everyone have to take a Friday folder home but I don’t have too. Then we wait for Kerry to pick us up and went to Thai and Laos shop cause of Kerry want to bought some oil so I bought some noodles too for make them tried. Then we went to Kwik trip for bought some milk and Jacob get some candies bars. Then we get home and played a little bit of basketball. It was fun. Today Kerry made spaghetti meat balls for supper and it was very delicious and have corn for vegetable’s. Then I take a shower first. Then I wrote a blog that is not same at yesterday but for me I think is pretty long. So tomorrow we have to met Kay and ate lunch with Kerry family. Then on Sunday have a Brewer games. It will be a fun weekend.:)