Last night after we are finish shopping, teacher George had a surprise for us. The surprise was he took up us to watch the movie named ‘superman vs batman’ ,but we were just had a dinner ,so when we were full ,we feel sleepy. The result was everyone accept teacher George were all sleep at the beginning of the movie until the end hahaha. Then, we arrived the school at midnight so it was very cold and no one want to take a shower. We hurriedly washed our faces and sleep. In the morning, we woke up at 8o’clock with the bright light out side the windows. It’s a sunny day! We had to take a shower at boy’s bathroom because girl’s bathroom was like it had a flood. But disadvantage of Boy’s bathroom was it didn’t have warm water!! We had to take a shower with freezing water😭 After that we ate the cereals cookies and milk for breakfast. I drank 4glass of milk and lots of cereals and cookies. I didn’t know why I’m so hungry. Then, I walked to the playground with Oui to take photos. We have lots of free time today because we would leave at 1 o’clock to go to the lake and library. At the lake, we took a photo and stayed just 5 minutes because it was very windy. Then, we are now at the library to do the blog. The next plan is when we leave the library we will go to eat dinner and play skate.