Today I woke up about 9 and we have a breakfast and Cheri came and talk to me about today plan. She told me that today we can go shopping and today we call Grandpa that we’re gonna have a grill. I choose to go shopping we went to Greenbay Mall and Dick’s. Wanted to buy a shoes so we went to Dick’s first and I saw many shoes but we didn’t ask them for the size and we bought Spencer a pair of green socks for his baseball and a baseball belt. And we left the Dick’s and we went to the Greenbay mall I also found the one that I want but I didn’t have my size I try many shoes we spend a lot of time and I didn’t got any. And we went to have lunch we went to The Noddles Company they have a Pad Thai and other Thai food also. I ordered the same as Cheri and we ordered a medium size it was good. And we went back to Dick’s and I try the one that I like but the shoes is narrow so I bought a KD7 road camo then we went to Pet Smart and we bought some fish food and we went to the clothes shop and I bought a Jordan’s sport pants and Cheri also bought her. Then we went back home and we have the Grill but Grandpa didn’t come. And soon I do my blog and I went to bed