Today we woke up at 5.30 A.M. We woke up early because today we had to go to church that will start at 6.30 A.M. The church is next to our school . We had a breakfast at the church . We went to church with dad , mom , Zack ( host’s son ) , and Beth ( host’s daughter ) . I saw my friends there . They are Nolan and Josh . Nolan came to church like us . Josh came to church to help the church about the breakfast . Then we came back home . When we arrived at home , we tried to find a basket of candy for Easter Day . Then I watched a cartoon in family room . After that we had lunch together . The lunch is ham , bread , potato , corn , boiled egg , and milk . Then I sat in the family room for a while . Next I went to bedroom and did a homework of next Wednesday because I didn’t have nothing to do . Then Zack came back to his school and will come home next two weeks . When I done my homework , I watched the cartoon again . After that dad came and told us that he will take us to his meeting with his friends . They will watch Instella .