Hello (again)
Today is Tuesday l work up at 7.00 am . ( late again ) l went to mart , cause bought something and have breakfast ( muffin and hot chocolate) wow!!! .
When l went to school l do homework and give homework to Mr . Gast ( my teachers ) and prepare for studyed . ln morning l learned about holy bible and Jusus christ , Math about triangles and formula for find the answers and have break . Then l finished break l learned science and reading to 12.15 am. and have lunch but to day have subway in lunch ( every Tuesday ) and have break in noon . After l studyed about social , computers and english . When l over class l and my friends went to practice dancing for school’s show . In evening l went to roller skates but today was not have people fail 🙁 , l played roller skates to 8.30 pm. am and went to home . Finally l go to sleep .