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Today I woke up at 6.30 A.M. and Jadian don’t feel good to go to school today so she plan to get me go to school with Alex and Muk. I woke up and I wash my face and brush my teeth then I change my clothes. At 6.50 A.M. I go down the house and her mom Julie told me that it no time to ate breakfast so I get some snack and get ready on the car then Julie drove to Muk house and waited for them to finished what they are doing for 10 minutes. Jenifer Alex mom drove to her grandma house to place her dog(bean) there and we sat there for 10 minutes. We get on the car and get ready to go to school. We are at school around 7.30 A.M. and the first class is Spain the class started at 7.50 A.M. The teacher gave a quiz to students to do. The next class is Science and the teacher taught about environment. The next class is Gym class and Alex change the clothes then she worm up by running around the court for 4 round and she worm up with her teacher and friends too, she learnt Badminton and I think she really love sport. The next class is English the teacher gave a work to do then let the students talked together. The next class is History and the teacher was so kind and he show a hat that in the world war 1 too. At lunch time I ate pizza and chocolate milk with Alex, Muk and her friends for about 20 minutes. The last class is Math and When the school finished Julie came to get me and Mind because Jadian get sick. When we are home we keep our bags in the bedroom and go down to watched television.

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