Today is Tuesday . Today still was rainy . Today we had cereal as breakfast . Then we went to school . We also had to wait in preschool floor . Then we went to our classroom at 7.40 A.M. I did my spelling homework before class start . The first class is a class about religion . Next is math class . We did an assignment in the class . Then we had break time . I didn’t go outside cause I had to do my homework . Next is English and literature . I didn’t finish literature homework . First I was very worry but Mr. Roecker said it’s okey . So , I’m not worry anymore . In English class we had to do an assignment . And Mr. Roeker also read a book for us in this class . Then it was lunch time . We had special lunch today . It was Subway . It was very good . I also had cookie and milk as the lunch too . Then we had break time . I still didn’t go outside cause I had to do homework . After that was music class . We sang a song for musical practice . Then we had science class . We had science test today . Next is vocabulary class . I didn’t have to study in this class because I don’t have a vocabulary book . So , I continue did my homework . Then we went to gym to practice till 4.30 P.M. Then we came home and had corn dog as a dinner . Then we went to Walmart to buy my new charger . Then we went to roller skate . We arrived there very early . We walked around before it open . We played roller skate with Kenny , Emily G. , and Dylan tonight . We stayed there for two hours . Then we came back home . I went to a living room to upload my blog .