Today is Monday . I woke up at 6.30 A.M. But Junior got up very very late . A breakfast is ‘chicken in the basket’ . It’s very delicious . Today is rainy in the morning . Today I didn’t play basketball . I loaded ‘Chicago Fire’ , the American series on my phone and bring it to school . I watch it before the class start . In the morning ,we had Christ Light class . Then we had Math class . I done all math homework . Then I did history and hunting safety class’s homework . Then I went out in break time . Next we had literature and English class . Mr. Roecker , our teacher gave us one homework in literature . Then is English class , we had exercise in English class . Next is lunch time . I had a ham sandwich , milk , and chocolate pudding as lunch . Then we had break time but I didn’t go outside . I did literature’s homework in the classroom . When I finish my literature’s homework , I picked my hunting safety class’s homework to do it . After that we had spelling and history class .we had spelling pre-test dictation . Then we have history quiz . It’s not too much for me . Next we had P.E. class . We ran around the school like regularly . We studied about pushing the baseball in the P.E. class . Then we went to practice musical in a gym . We practice till 4 O’clock . Then we play in the playground for 30 minutes . Then we came home and had dinner . After that we went to the hunting safety class . This is the second time that we went to this class . We stayed there about 3 hours . We got many knowledge tonight . Then we came back home . We had a couple of ice-cream . Then I went to family room to upload blog .