Today is Sunday . I got up at 6.30 A.M. Then I went to take a shower . Then I had a breakfast with Junior , Toto , and Jeed . We stayed in the same room . Then we stayed in the room . I played my phone while we were waiting . Then we went down to the lobby at 8 O’clock . We waited in the lobby for about 30 minutes . Then we leaved the hotel . We walked across the road to train station . Then we went to the center of Chicago by train . Then we went to field museum by bus . We separated to go in the different zones .Pheem , Toto , and I went to Viking zone . Then we went to see the animals zone . We stayed in there for about 30 minutes . After that we went to the upper level . We saw the dinosaur fossil . It was T-Rex . It was very cool and big . Then we leaved the museum at 12 O’clock . We walk down to Subway to have breakfast . Before we got there , we also visit the big bean too . After we had lunch . Then we went to candy store . It was very big store that full of candy . After that we went to watch the movie at Amc cinema . We watched The avengers : Age of Ultron . It was very good . We watched movie from 4 O’clock till 6.30 O’clock . Then we leaved from the cinema and found some restaurant for dinner . It was raining that moment . We all wet hahaha . We had to walk while it was raining to find the restaurant . T. George had to run around to find the restaurant for us . Finally , we went to a Thai restaurant . The foods at there were very good . Then we leaved there at 9.30 P.M. We arrived at hotel at 10.20 P.M. Then I went to take a shower when I got into my room . Then I upload my blog .