Today I woke up at 6.10 A.M. and I ate breakfast at school and I was at school at 7 A.M. and I didn’t bring my phone to school so I sat and ate my breakfast at the computer room while Jadian was doing her work and the first class is A.P. government and all of the class have a test and the test is 2 days, they should test today and tomorrow and I sat there and draw picture in the class and the next subject is computer the teacher gave everyone a sheet and I sat and do it and the next class don’t have anyone studied so I think that is the class that students have to choose want they want to learn. The next class is computer and Jadian do her homework in computer class so I sat and ate my snack and read a book there. Next class I learnt math and I do all of the question and some I understand but some not. I go to ate my lunch at history class and when I finished for 5 minutes the class started and when the class started 4 peoples in the class sleep already and I don’t understand but I still listen to him. The last class is making a computer game and I love this class the most but the computer is not enough so I sat and watched like every time I do. When the school finished Jadian drive me to get Mind at her school. After school I met Muk and Alex and we go to Muk house and have a dinner with Muk and her family and we play Uno together but Jadian and her boyfriend didn’t played they just watched when we played and when we played we laughed because is very fun. My dinner today is very yummy I ate shrimp with rices and sweet potatoes and all of the dinner today Alex grandmom made it.