On Saturday, we had to get up a bit early because host family gonna pick us up at noon ,so we had to make sure that we were ready to go and didn’t leave our stuff at the school. Our breakfast are usually the same and that what I mean is cereals and milk. After we finished to eat, we washed the dishes and put the tables at the gym to make that place for meeting host family. At noon, our host family follow one after another to the gym ,so we were all excited and started to find our host. Every host family came with their food to share to each other ,teacher George said that it’s call pod luck. Then, I saw Oui’s host family ,so I talked with them for a bit then my host came in and make friend with Oui’s host . My house and Oui’s house not far from each other it took just 5minutes to get to his house ,my host said. After that, we ate the food that host family bring with. My host family cooked food very well. I can eat a ton of her food. I let them try somtam and sticky rice and they like it but maybe too spicy for them. After we finished to eat lunch, it was a time to say goodbye with thai friends. My host help me carry my bag into the car and then let’s go!! Before we got home, we went to the store to buy some food and the weather at that time was sunny and windy ,but just 5 minutes when we got out of the store the snow was falling!! What happen with the weather here I was very confuse.

I will continue my story tomorow ,but now I feel so sleepy ,so good night!