Today is Sunday and we can wake up late I like it!!!!!! But I not wake up too late. Last night Hellen come and hang out with us. I wake up around 8 o’clock then Hellen and Josie wake up at 8.45 then we take a shower and made video star. Video star is for you take a video with music like a music video Josie and Hellen do a lot of this it’s very cool!!!!! Then Hellen back her home and in afternoon we went to Mackenzie’s home Mackenzie is Josie’s friend we play tambourine and go down to the park then we have to do video star again I think all my class have this app. I think I will download this app for made video with them. Then we back home at 4.30 and we went to Cedar Crest ice cream I ate superman in waffle cone. Then we went to koal for buy clothes but I don’t buy anything!!!! Then we back and play board game I won Josie a lot 🙂