Hello, my name is In. I’m 11 year old, going to be 12 on 2 of April. Today, my father send my friend, Fah and I on sky train. My father, Fah and I go down at Onn Nut station found a hotall “Imm fusion”.  Fah and I found the hotall very easy. Then Fah and  I  went up to unpack our clouth because we stay in a same room.  Fah and I thing that we should shere my bag togerther. we went on sky train and we played ice sket. Fah, my cousin Lily Pang and Pear played ice sket togerther. After that, we went to  Habin Ice, Fah, Lily and  I went on so many ride. E.g. Train, It’s kind of scearly but I like that. I went for 2 times. Other ride that I played was slider and something we can grape on sliden down, I went for 4 times for this. Today was very fun day for me.