Um, today I woke up at 7 O’clock and get dress. Then I went to eat breakfast, pancake. After that I get ready for school. 8:05, we arrived school. First we learn Faith, we have to answer the questions like. Why did God died for us(because he love us) something like that. Not haed right? Ok, so then we learn Sceince and Math and English. Then we went to eat lunch, orange, pear, hamburger and chocolate. Then we went outside and played ball take (one person be it and try to throw the ball to other person, it’s very fun) Then we went inside and learn Art and Reading. Then we went home and I played outside. 6 a.m. I eat dinner, mini pizza (it call something that I’m not sure how to call, but it look like mini pizza) Then we went to play outside, we played take. Then I went inside and read a book and write blog.Then maybe I will watch T.V. or read a book (again) and go take shower and go to bed. Bi