1. When we at a mall . Wejust had an hour to walked around the mall. First Amy and I were looking for a wheelchair
    ( for Bangpan). Then I met the security gaurd then I asked her for a wheelchair. She brought me a wheelchair and she gave me a paper about my name and number so I wrote T.George phone numberand she gave me a number when we finish it she will pick it up.Then I walked to build a bear to get Bangpan but I met T.George first then he sat on the wheelchair and I have to push him. He’s very heavy . He’s make me hurt my back. Then I walked around the mall with Proud, Amy and Bangpan. We bought some stuff that we need. Then I realize that I forgot my swim suit. I check the prize it like $40 for each piece and it is 2 piece swimsuit so it will be like $80 or more if I add tax and it will like $100 equal to 3600฿ . So I think that I won’t swim on this trip. Then we ate dinner. After we finished I had to call the security to pick the wheelchair. I was scared that I called them cause he couldn’t understand me so I spoke clearly then he picked the wheelchair. Then we went to Marcus cinema to watch Superman V Batman and I was very tired . Then I’m slept at the cinema. We at the school at midnight and we brush our teeth and sleep at 1 am. Then I woke up at 8 am and take a shower then played a game.
    13:00 we went to Manitowoc library to making our blog then we will go to roller skating.