Yesterday I forgot to write a blog because I don’t have time i’m sorry. Yesterday we are going tomenchies and shopping for clothes and roller skating. Yesterday I’m wake up very late and I go to make a breakfast one omelet two pancake. Menchies is very yummy and they go to shopping at store but I don’t want to go I stay in the car. And I go to play a roller skating and we play a cards and go home. And today I wake up ery late and I go to make breakfast with emma and I see mommy. She make one omelet and two pancake its yummy. and I play compter with sam and lizzy and I win every time. And we finish and we go to dress up and play funny clip and we have password in the room. We have to go to wait for grandma and grandma get us subs. and we watch the lord of the ring. I Olivia and grandma make cookies its very yummy. And then we clan up and eat the dinner but I not very hngry. Then we go to coffee shop and see my friends. Tomorrow we going to the waterpark and come back on Saturday and day bye bye.