Today i went to school and study likes everyday. But today George arrive and took my photo. After School me and Sam wait for his big brother to get us to his house. When his come he told me his name is Leon. Leon is a very cool guy i met. His life style is very cool. He love to listen to music. I download music from him. He show me how to refil a bullet. He show me his rifle. He wife Nansy She cooking is very good. After that he show me he he boats and cars. Next we went to Leon father house. He told me when he was a kid he live here. That house is stay next to the lake. Its very beautyful. He show me a dears head and turky wings he hunt. He told me next week he will come back took me and teach me how to hunt. This is America in my mind. before i come to this stage last years i though i will shoot dears of something like that but i didnt do anythings like that. but next week i can hunt. Today is my best day in US.