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 On this day, I woke up at 5.50 P.M. . I couldn’t resist sleeping anymore as I had things to do. I started to brush my teeth and change my clothes. Next, Porsche woke up after me a little bit.  Then, we started packing up things for tomorrow. It only took us about 10 minutes. After that, we had our breakfast with Tricia. It was 2 French Toasts. They were quite delicious, but there were too few of them. That made us felt somewhat hungrier later on. Later on, Porsche, Tricia, the kids and I went to Megan’s house. We picked her up again. Then, Megan, Porsche and I went into the school. Next, we joined up with Jensen. After that, we went upstairs and picked up our stuff. I also gave a scarf to Mr. Romatowski. He thanked me for that. Then, he asked me about the 2nd scarf which I was holding. He said “Was that for Megan?”. I just felt somewhat shy of that. Next, Megan and I went downstairs. I gave the scarf I was holding to Ms. Doll. She liked it. She said that she just had it in the right time where she was feeling somewhat cold. After that, we studied in the Spanish class. Ms. Doll opened a cartoon movie about a fairy and a man who got lost in the jungle and became smaller due to the fairy’s magic.  In that story, there also was a personification of toxic fumes and gases. It was quite interesting. Later on, Megan and I went to the Math class. Ms. Leick led us do more equations about parabolas again. It was somewhat easy as I managed to get back some of my math skills. After  that, there was a notice that everyone must clean their lockers after the hour. So, we went upstairs to clean our lockers. My locker was somewhat clean, so it didn’t need much cleaning. Next, Mr. Romatowski checked up the lockers including Megan’s and mine.  Later on, we went to the Study Hall Room. We joined up with Porsche and Jensen. We discussed about history and other general things.  Porsche and I decided to share Rice Crispies to Megan and Jensen. Megan took a piece from me. She liked the  Rice Crispies made by Tricia .We had some fun in doing that. Then, we went to the Gym class. We ran again along with Aaron too. It was quite good. Next, we started playing Volleyball. It was nice, but I was quite terrible at it. After that, Megan and I went to the English class. Mr. Larsen told the class to make a book review, but I couldn’t do as there weren’t any available laptops. So, I kept reading my books. It was quite ok.

After that period, Megan and I went downstairs to heat up some food. I didn’t have anything to be heated, so I only waited to her to finish heating up her food. Then, we went to the Science room, because Megan needed to finish her test from yesterday.  I waited for her in that room .She said that she got a full score. That was nice for her.  Next, we went back to the cafeteria and resumed having our lunch with others. My lunch was a Ham and Cheese wrap and some Rice Crispies  from Tricia. They were quite delicious.  Later on, Megan and I went upstairs to study English again. I continued to read my book again. Mr. Larsen told us that we should think of a made-up dynamic character for a book or a movie. That was quite interesting. After that, we went to the History class. Mr. Romatowski led us to do a test about the U.S. in the late 1800s and WWI.  It was quite easy, and I liked it. Then, Megan told me that Jensen and her would need to play sports for the next period, so Porsche and I would be alone for the 7th Period. It was ok for as I could stay in the Science class for that period. After that, Megan and I went downstairs to the Science room. We met Jensen and Porsche there. In that room, Jensen and Megan joined up and went out of the room. Porsche and I said goodbye to them. Next, Porsche went to the Spanish class. I drew things and talked to others in the Science class. I felt somewhat bored in that hour. After the class, I joined up with Porsche and went outside. Tricia picked us up later on. Then, we went to the house. We found that Tricia’s mother and father were back again. I packed up some more stuff, before meeting them downstairs. We talked to them a little bit and relaxed . Then, at about 6 P.M., Tricia, Dave , Porsche and I went to Rupp’s to have a final dinner meal. We had rib-eye steaks. They were very delicious, but it also made us felt very full too.  After that, we returned back to the house. We relaxed more before updating our blogs. Later on, Phu went to our house. Tricia wanted to see him apart from us. We had a nice talk and played with each other. Then, he returned to his house. After that, Porsche and I played with Tricia ,Dave and Tricia’s parents. We had a lot of fun in doing that. Next, I went to bed .

PS: I would miss Tricia and Dave a lot. They made this trip one of the best trips for me. I wouldn’t forget them. I would also miss the kids and a cartoon series called Bubbleguppies. It was a cartoon series we watched every day, because Tricia had to open them for the kids. This made sure that I would like and remember it for some time. All of these things made me felt quite good.

Tricia and Dave, I  hoped that I could see both of you in the future!

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