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Today, I woke up about 6 A.M. . I cleaned my mouth and changed my clothes. Next, I finished my blogs for yesterday. Later on, I ate my breakfast. It was some lasagna. It was very delicious. After that, George and Pat came and told the others to wake up. The others began to wake up slowly.  Then, they began to do their routines as usual. At about 8 A.M.,  Porsche, Plakaow and Junior and I went downstairs to the lobby. We met other students there. We talked , played and relaxed there for  some time.   Next, George and Pat came in. They told us about what would be doing for today. Today was the last day we would be staying in Chicago before going back to Thailand.  Then, we went to the train station.  We used our tickets before getting on the train. We went to Downtown Chicago again. After that, we got on another train which took us to the Magnificent Mile area. This area contained lots of brand-name stores.  We walked from the station to that area. At first, the students requested to George and Pat that  they would like to go to Under Armor Store. So, we went there for some time. I wasn’t quite interested in shopping.  I walked in the store and looked at some clothes. It’s kind of ok. We also saw an interesting string machine to test human flexibility . I didn’t try it, but the others managed to make good results out of that thing. Then, we  exited the store and went to the next one. The next one was the Nike Store. We began walking in that store . I saw lots of interesting types of sporting shoes and some clothes. They were quite interesting.   My friends also bought some shoes their too I believed. We also had a little bit of a chatter with the staff there. Later on, we went to the Apple Store. We were there for about 15 minutes. I saw some of the latest iPhones and the iWatches. They were quite interesting. After  that, we went to the Disney Store.   Most of the students began shopping in there for about 20 minutes. I looked at the Star Wars  and the Avengers  products.  They were quite good. Some of my friends and I looked at some shorts about Star Wars .They were quite good. A staff also gave us bookmarks too. That was quite nice of him.  Next, we walked to the Water Tower which was one of the oldest buildings  in Chicago that survived a fire that destroyed most of Chicago during the late 1800s. The building survived, because it was made out of stone while the rest were made out of wood. It must have took a lot of time in order to reconstruct this city that we were seeing today.  George also told us about the history of that place too.

Later on, we got into the Water Tower Mall and Macy’s. Both of them were in a same building. We went downstairs first in order to have our lunch in the Food Court. We got the Lunch Cards from the Court in order to purchase our meals. I ordered a cheeseburger and ate it. It was very delicious. After that, I talked to the others a little bit. Next, we got upstairs on the 2nd Floor and got briefed about the shopping time by George . He told us that we must stay in groups of 2 and up. He also said that we should be in the 2nd Floor at 4 A.M. .  Later on, we split up. I joined up with Plakaow and walked around the Mall. First, we went to the Lego Store. We saw many nice figures and models there. After that,  we went to a sports store. Plakaow looked for some shoes there while I was sitting in that store for some time. Then, we walked to another shoe store. Plakaow bought a pair of shoes there.

Later on, we began walking around the Mall until we found Porsche. We joined up and walked to Adidas. I saw more shoes and clothing again.  Next, we walked out from there and met up with George. We talked for a little bit before going to Pink. We went there, because Porsche wanted to buy some clothes for his sister. We were in that place for some time before going out again. We went to the shoe stores again and met George and Pat there. Then, we went to a Board Game store. I saw many interesting types of board games. Porsche and Plakaow looked at some cards  for some time in that store. Porsche then joined up with the others for the time being. Plakaow and I began walking around some more sport stores. We saw lots of sports clothing related to various sport teams in Chicago. They were quite ok. Later on,  we went to Macy’s and looked for some more clothes. We didn’t buy more things from there before returning to the Mall area. After that, I joined up with Phu as Plakaow joined up with Porsche to do some shopping . Phu and I walked around before getting down to the 2nd Floor where George was staying. I checked the Lego store again, because I could see many interesting things there. After that, I waited for some time until it was  4 A.M.. We began to form up a group again before going out of the Mall. Later on, we walked on the streets . We went to a Hot Dog restaurant. It was quite funny that there were  many photos of dogs in that restaurant. What an Irony!  I sat with Peem, Pokpong and Win’s mom. We ate Chicago-style hot dogs as our dinner. It was quite delicious ,but it was also somewhat spicy due to the Jalapenos inside the hot dogs.  We also ate some chips and onion rings too. They were delicious too. Later on, we got back on the trains  . When we were changing the lines, we also walked to other stations too. We separated into 2 large groups as we went to the station that was close to the hotel. Both were led by Pat and George respectively. We got off the station and went to the hotel. We were briefed again by George and Pat again for tomorrow. We started packing things up in the room. Pat and George came in and helped us with those things too. We were also briefed more about tomorrow too. We relaxed and finished our blogs after that. Then, James, a returning student also joined in with us. Finally, we all went to bed.

P.S. : I would miss the places that I have been on trip. I would miss my hosts and friends there too.  I am going back  to Thailand tomorrow. It would be a long day again. Hope to see you soon, Mom and Dad!


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