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10330420_929421377108311_9131030191263331164_n Today, I woke up at 6.20 A.M. . Porsche woke up after me when I just finished changing my clothes and brushed my teeth. Then, we had our breakfast. Our breakfast was burgers with some kind of egg on them. The eggs tasted a little bit strange, but I can eat the rest of the burgers properly. Then, we went to pick up Megan as usual. Later on, we reached the school. Porsche, Megan and I walked into the school. We splited up as Porsche went with his buddy ,while I went with Megan. Next, we went to the Spanish class. The teacher led us do some practices of translating some Spanish words which I wasn’t quite good except for that were similiar to the English counterparts. Megan helped me for some words that I didn’t know. Later on, we went to math class and solve the equations. I didn’t know that the teacher told us to finish some equations yesterday, but she said that it could be sent on Friday. The only problem was that I wouldn’t go to school tomorrow. After that, it was the study hall hour. It was the time that I could finish my homework or do something else. Megan sent me to Porsche and his buddy to go study and relax in a studying room. I used that time to finish  some of the math equations. Later on, Megan joined in and everyone talked about different things. Then, we went to the gym class.  We joined with the gym teacher and other students. For this hour, we had a special guest waiting at the auditorium.  So, we went to the auditorium. The special guest is Matt de la Pena. He was an author who wrote some books. He explained about his life and how did he became an author. He also described about being  a writer. He said to the audience that in one of his books. He made about 104 drafts for that book. That was pretty much amazing. He explained that he needed to make a lot of drafts, because he wanted to make the book a good book. I thought it was pretty much ok. Then, we went back to gym class and started exercising once again. After that, we began playing hockey again. I wasn’t so sure if I was that good, but I kept playing. Next, we went to the English class again. Today, we were researching about social media in order to make an essay supporting or criticizing it.  I just finish a single paragraph. I might  finish the entire essay. Then, we went to lunch. I had 2 hot dogs. It was pretty much nice. Everyone began talking after finishing their lunches. I explained to them more about Thailand. Next, we went back to the English class and resumed our researching efforts. After that, the teacher told us to start reading instead. We started reading again. Then, at almost the end of the period, the fire alarm rang. Everyone immediately went to the outside. It was somewhat cold out there. We met Porsche and his buddy. I remembered that  Megan began shaking her teeth. She was apparently feeling very cold. Then, the class was over and  we were allowed to return to our classes. After getting our stuff from the English class, we went to the history class. The teacher began teaching us about U.S. Imperialism during the late 1800s to the early 1900s. Sadly, for me, the class was interupted by the fire alarm again. So, we went outside again. Then, it began to rain. I felt quite cold and wet due to the temperature and the  rain. Megan was probably feeling worse. The history teacher  gave her his jacket to wear for the time being.  Finally, we went back to class again. We studied about the  Panama Canal for sometime. Then,  the school announced that both 2 alarms were false alarms, and they were working on it. I was in disbelief. If it rang again, the entire class wouldn’t go outside again. I learnt that the  class would study about WW1 tomorrow. I felt quite bad for missing that class tomorrow. Next, we went to Science class. In that class, I  didn’t have any worksheets. So, I decided to finish the math equations again. I also heard more false alarms. I thought there was about 6 false alarms today. I hoped that  I could close it. After school, I went to the outside with Porsche in order to wait for Dave. Then, Dave came in and picked us up. He told us that Tricia’s parents were in the house. When we went to the house, we met them. Tricia’s mother was actually a Thai-American, while  Tricia’s  father was an Italian-American. I knew that Tricia’s mother was a Thai-American, because Tricia told me earlier. I could also understand now how Marco and Enzo got  their names. After that, I talked to them and relaxed. Then, Tricia’s mother cooked dinner for everyone. Our dinner was Masaman Curry and Rad Na. I didn’t eat Rad Na,because it had eggs on it. The curry was quite delcious. After that, I relaxed, finished my homework and updated my blogs. I saw a lot of lightnings in the night. After  that, I went to bed.

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