Hello! Today is Monday, first day of school week. I arrived at school early again. My first class was Gym. We did the fitness and lifting weights. Then we played dodgeball. My team lost AGAIN!! I’m terrible at playing sport. The second class was Spanish class, we had one hour an a half today cuz we didn’t have Algebra. In Spanish class, we played a game “Draw Something” we have to draw somthing and other students have to guess. I drew a toilet hahaha! Grace drew a chicken, it was very funny cuz Ally tought that she drew a bird or a squirrel. The next class was Social Studies. Aaron and Alyse present their chapter today, they worked in Chapter 14. I likes their ideas, they thinking out of the box. They let us sing a song about cotton too. Hahaha! Then we did the Kahoot! I got the 11th place among 15 students, I got 8 correct and 4 wrong. After that….Lunch Time!!! I loved this time..yummy food go in to my stomach. I had pizza for lunch, Syd had a sub with meatballs. Kassie gave me one of her meatballs. Then we went to the reading class, I drew a picture in thos class, didn’t read at all. After that we went to the Quest class, today we didn’t do the opener, because Kollin signed up the wrong date. He signed up today but he already did a month ago. I remembered my first Quest class in Hilbert Middle School, he was the opener. We brought foods and drinks to the track during this class for the track students to eat. Then we went to the Choir class, we sang two songs “Buttercup” and “Close every door”. I liked the warm up part, warm up my voice before singing. The last class was Language, we read “To Kill a Mockingbird” Chapter 11. My eyes almost close. I wanted to go to sleep. This story is so boring. After the school end we went back home, Syd went to her soccer practice at 5:00 pm. I ate mashed potatoes, a brat with bun and milk. Then mom and I did the Lasagna and cookies for tomorrow’s supper. I liked the Lasagna noddles, it is big and flat. Then Syd came home, she went to shower first, I went after her. I played Hayday in Syd’s Ipad, that is my first time of playing this game, and I liked it! Fun!!! I’ll go to sleep now…I’m very sleepy. Bye Bye ><