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12-04-2003 is my birthday!!!!! Now I ‘m 12 years old. Today we have to went to watch baseball. I wake up at 7.15 and very tired because last night we go to bed very late. We left home at 7.45 It’s very long time to go to baseball stadium (I think about 2.30 hours) Then we are at stadium around 10.10 and we are set a table and food. Next lunch time!!!!! Today is hot but very windy. Then I ate lunch finish I sleep with Josie under jacket because it’s have a lot of sunshine. The game start at 1.10 we went to gift shop and buy sticker for stick on our face it’s very cool. I like it. This game it’s too long about 3 hours but we lose:( I know how to watch baseball because I see it last year. End of game I and Josie go to run around base that’s fun but it’s have very long line!! Next we take a group picture and go back. We’re at home around 7 o’clock but it have sunshine! To day I got present and card birthday from Lilly and George Thank You! We ate McDonald for dinner and buy a ice cream cake from Daily Queen for my birthday. I got a lot of shirt and a necklace Thanks!

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