Today I woke up at 6:25 am then I eat a breakfast today my breakfast is cereal and fruit then I do my sandwich to eat it in lunch in my lunch bag I have a sandwich snack banana water and yogurt then we go to school today y first class is history We check a test then we have english class today we read a book I have a new book name I am EX-Demon King is a fantasy book then after we finish english class we have spain class and then after spain class we have gym class today we run and play volleyball my team have I Toto Megan Jensen and Aaron then after we finish class I go with Toto buddy because my buddy go to doctor I go to english class again and I rad a book again then we have history class and my buddy come ti pick me up in a middle class and go to science class and today my last class is spain then we go to libary and I do my blog