Today Emma and I woke up at 6:45, take a shower and get dress. Then we went to eat breakfast, french toast and milk. After breakfast, dad Kevin took us to Bethany. 7:55, we were at school and my class learn History, Math, Sceince and English. THen we went to eat lunch, hamburger, orange and chocolate milk. After lunch, we went to learn Art and Music and then we went to the bus room and wait for dad Kevin to pick up. 3:15, dad Kevin took us home and Dillon and I do our homework. (I have Math and Sceince) After that, we ate salat and 25 minutes latter, we ate dinner, hamburger, french fry and milk. After dinner, I read a book, watch T.V. and write blog. Next, I may watch T.V. and go to bed. Maybe I will read a book befor I go to bed. Bi