Today we woke up and we have a breakfast. Then we do our things a prepare to go to school. And we study like the normal day we just talking with friends play with friends. When school ends we went back home and Cheri needs to go back and work. So we go and play outside with our neighbors we play basketball and we went to Hanna house and we play capture the flag we make a team and we hide our flag and we go and find the other team flag and we have half of the house and if we cross that line we can be tag and if we been tag we need to stay in jail in the other team we play a long time I also met a 2 new friends they were August and one more. We hide our flag in the basketball hoop. We play untill max need to go back so we tell where we hide and they tell where they hide. And I Spencer and Emma we went back and play basketball. And soon Emma needs to go back so I and Spencer play catch together. And when we play capture the flag Cheri already back home so when we play catch she ask us “do you want to return the books to the library with me” and I went back Spence need to do his homework so I go. In the way back we bought a Diary Queen and we bought it for Spencer also. When we home I do all my stuff and I went to bed.