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Today, I woke up at about 6 A.M. , Porsche woke up after me as usual. I brushed my teeth and changed my clothes. Next, I ate my breakfast. My breakfast was some yoghurt parfait again. It was pretty much delicious. Porsche ate his breakfast after me. After that, went to Megan’s house along with Tricia to pick up Megan.  Then, we reached the school. We waited in the basement for some time until the bell rang. After that, we did our jobs as usual. Megan and I went to Spanish class. Ms. Doll led us finish the vocabulary papers. I managed to finish them with the help of Megan. After that, we played picture dictionary with other students. It was kind of nice. Next, Ms Doll led me introduce myself more to the entire class. The teacher and the students were surprised by the amount of countries I had been too. I talked to Megan a little bit about Porsche. Megan told to me that Porsche was  beginning to be a little bit naughty. Next, we went to the Math class. Ms. Leichs who was the teacher taught us about the generic rectangles and their equations. I managed to finish  them quite easily. After that hour, we went to the cooking class. We were joined with Porsche and his buddy. The teacher made a milk tasting exercise by letting us taste different samples of milk and guess which flavor it was. Aaron also joined our group. He was the student who helped Porsche and I on our first gym class. We had some fun in tasting milk flavors. Some were good, but the others were bad. I managed to guess some of them correctly.  The teacher also explained the nutrition of the different milk flavors we tasted earlier. Later on, we went to the Art class. Mr. Pendergast led us finish our clay, so I smoothed the clay with some water. We also met Porsche and his buddy too. Next, we went to the English class. Today  was a free-reading hour, so everyone began reading books including me. I kept reading that D-Day book. I began to feel a little bit bored.

Later on, we went to the cafeteria to have some lunch. I had 2 pulled pork burgers. I microwaved them with a student who I met in the Spanish class for sometime. She helped me in microwaving my burgers. After that, I started eating with Megan and other students. We also talked a little bit too. Next, we returned to the English and continued reading. I should have changed my book right now,because it was getting boring now. Then, Megan and I went to the History class. Mr. Romatowski gave us a worksheet about WWI. I managed to finish most of it. Next, he began to show about the declarations of wars and the assasination of Archiduke Franz Ferdinand. He also mentioned about the development of weapons during WWI. I thought that I should explained it further. When Mr. Romatowski explained about tanks in WWI, I  said that the tank he was pointing was a Renault FT-17. He already pointed that it was a French one. This tank was the first tank to have a fully traversable turret. A standard for all modern tanks. He  said that I was quite good at this subject. Next, he showed us a WWI video about tanks. Then, he showed us the thing that made him interested in WWI, in Snoopy in an episode  dogfighting against Manfred Von Richthofen who was a German flying ace. He shot down 80 Entente aircraft before he was shot down. He was also known as the “Red Baron”. He was probably the most famous flying ace in the world, but his record of shooting down 80 planes wasn’t the highest considering  that some WWII German pilots shot down about 100+ aircraft. The highest was 352 planes. This record was made by Erich “Bubi” Hartmann. Then, I also explained a little bit about the triplane that Richthofen uses. It was a Fokker Dr.I . This plane was made by Fokker which was a Dutch company that produced combat aircraft for Germany during WWI. After Megan and I finished the class, we went to the science class. Porsche also joined us, because his buddy had to play softball  somewhere else. In that class, I pretty much did nothing, apart from helping Megan’s friend about her element project a little bit. After we finished class, Porsche and I got picked up by Dave. When we reached the house, Tricia told us that Phu might come to our house. So, we relaxed and went outside to wait Phu by the main road. When Phu came to us, we went back to the house. We went downstairs first. Phu was surprised by the size of our house, because it was about 2-3 times larger than the house he stayed with his host. Porsche and Phu were playing video games, while I watched them. Then, we went upstairs and had some dinner. Our dinner was 2 pizzas. They were quite delicious, but we had to keep the leftovers for tomorrow. Later on, Porsche and Phu went to play some sports at Michael’s house. I began blogging at that time. After that, Porsche and Phu played Pool. Later on, I relaxed and some  stuff, while Porsche and Phu played cards.  Then, we said goodbye to Phu before he returned to his house. Finally, Porsche and I brushed our teeth and went to bed.

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