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Today we woke up and we went to school. Today is Matt birthday. All of us sang Happy Birthday to him. We have a pizza from him before lunch 1 class. Today we have a Cheese Burger. And on break time I and Jack B. we played American Football. And when it’s Ms.Cohen Sciences class she let us read outside because the weather was very nice. After all of us finished reading Ms.Cohen let us play. I and my friends we play kick ball. I in different team with Spencer Ms. Cohen also play she in the another team. I in the team with Tyler Trevor Sam and Arron L. we won that game. And we have a study hall class with Ms. Kickbush. The students ask her that can we go and play outside. At first she lets us vote and all of the students raise their hands. So we went down and play we have the same team but we have one more. And Ms. Kickbush was in that team. In this game we still won. And we head back and we have computer we continue doing our Power Points project. And we head back home. And we get ready to go to Franks house. When we there we found Frank on the roof. We went in side and I have a piece of a pizza and we went outside to play basketball then we went in his garage we found a baseball things and we play it. We took into play outside his house they have a baseball diamond. We play together it was fun. And that was the first time that in play hit baseball. Before that I play catch but now I’m trying to pitch the ball. Then we went in side and soon we went back home.

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