Today is Easter days we got up around 6 a.m. we finished take a shower and pack the things up around 6.40 after that we ate breakfast .our breakfast is cereal and milk.Then we go to church because today at church today they have mass for Easter . we went to shopping at Piggly wiggly .At piggly wiggly almost things are food .when everybody finished shopping we go back and walk along the street to play the snow and playground. We find the view today have a snow it looks like the scene in Korea series .we took a lot of picture of us and view around us.when we came back from the snow.we came to cooked ours lunch.we made pancake and scramble eggs. When we finished cook and ate lunch we went to played piano in the eating room. We went to played “ring ching ball” and “olar call name”. After that we all comeback to ours rooms to played killer and uno.Now we are going to eat Mc donald and writing blog .