Yesterday, at 8:30pm the snow have fall and its very cold .Then we ate pizza its very yummy. The snow still fall down then we are crazy because we happy to saw a snow. Before we went to pizza we went to Walmart June Carrot and I were bought some snacks like sting cheese,Nacho and Salsa, strawberries(very cheap about $1)
Etc. Then today at the morning we eating our snacks ummm…yummy . Then we eat cereals and change a clothes. Then we went to T.George Mum house we met T.George mum and Pepper (a dog) he ver cute but he creepy too.Then T.George is stop at HOBBY LOBBY its very big and we are bought nice stickers that are sales and I bought a bolding lines for comics its very good. Then we went to Manitowoc Library ,but library can not bring food so we have to eat our lunch at a front of library(T.George make the sandwiches and some of snacks [he boughts the snack from Walmart yesterday] like lays cookies sting cheese and the chocolate.Then we writing a blog then we have to do a work thing we will find a book from the library . Then we will playing roller skate . 
Yeeeeeeeeeee thank you for reading my blog Bye