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Today, I woke up at about 6 A.M. . Porsche woke up  somewhat earlier than me. I did my business as usual. Today, my breakfast was yoghurt parfait. It was still good as usual. Then, Porsche, Tricia, the kids and I went to the car. We went to Megan’s house and picked up Megan. Next, we went to the school. Megan and I went to the Spanish class as usual. In that class, we watched the soap opera that the teacher promised to show to us yesterday. It was actually a Mexican Soap Opera. It was about a famous cyclist and a woman. They got engaged. They were disrupted by another woman and her father. The latter used various dirty methods in order to stop the cyclist from engaging the first woman mentioned and to marry the latter. We had not fully watched all of it. I couldn’t understand most of it, because it was in Spainish. I could only rely on the teacher who sometimes translated some parts. Then, we went to the math class. I began solving more equations with some help from Megan. I was pretty much confused by the graphs which required the graphing calculator in order to find the residual plot and other stuff. The calculator was somewhat complicated to be used, so I left the graphing questions. Then, we went to art class. The art teacher, Mr. Pendergast was talking about WW1, so I talked to him about it too. I had fun in doing that. In the class, I proceeded to finish my clay tile by trimming and smoothing it. Later on , we went to the cooking class. We met Porsche and his buddy. During that hour, we began making biscuits. Megan and the buddy  let Porsche and I  did some parts involving the dough for the biscuits and cleaning up the table we used. It was quite ok. We also tasted the biscuits we made too. They were a little bit salty, but they were ok. Next, Megan and I went to the English class as usual. The teacher led us made discussions about empathy online. We disscussed various issues about empathy, social privacy, security and the political effects of social media. They were pretty much good.

In the next hour, we went to lunch. My lunch was mini-chicken burgers. They had to be microwaved before eating. So, Megan and I went to the microwave and microwaved the food. It was pretty much ok. After that, we began disscussing about how I study in Thailand with other students. Then, we returned to the English class again and continued our discussions about empathy. Next, we went to the history class. I found out that the teacher who was teaching me and other for 2 days was actually a substitute teacher. Megan introduced me to the actual history teacher who just returned from vacation. I found out that  he was a Polish-American. In this class, we began studying the reasons why the immigrants moved to the U.S. during the late 1800s to the early 1900s. I was quite interested in that thing. I also answered him some questions in an advanced way. He said that I was awesome. I actually like this subject a lot. Then, we went to the science class. Finally, I could have a full science class.  In this class, the teacher showed us different types of lights generated from different types of gases. He also give us a special piece of transparent plastic in order to look at the light sources. We led us identify what color lines were generated by different light sources. It was pretty much ok. We left the class a little bit early. Next, we seperated from each other after school. I met Porsche after that. We got picked up by Tricia. After that, we got back to the house and relaxed. We found out that Enzo had dropped his “payload” in our room. So, we had to call in Tricia to deal with it. Then, we had our dinner. It was a pizza-pasta. It was pretty much delicious. Later on, I uploaded my blog and went to bed.

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