Today I woke up at 7:00 because I had to go to Miller Park the Milwaukee Brewers Stadium. First I ate my breakfast and took a shower then packed my stuff and I left home at 8:15 am. Then I went to parking lot and 2 school buses arrived. Then we loaded our chairs, BBQ, coal, and more. We drove for about hour and a half. But we didn’t bored because I played card with Mind, Bam and Praewa. Then we set everything up and started our lunch. After we finished our lunch we played football and went in to stadium. We watched the game Brewers vs. Pirates almost 3 hours. Unfortunately, Brewers lost. The score was 10-2. Then kids ran on the field ,but me and my friends were at souvenir store and waited for others. Then we took a last group picture and went back to the bus. After I came back home I ate supper, took a shower then I’m going to bed soon!!