Last night we were at home at 10:05 but Clara slept over at her friend house so I had to sleep alone last night.I talked with Clara’s until 11:45 and I went to bed at midnight.

Today is Saturday so I didn’t have to get up early.So I woke up at 8:45 and we left home around 9:40 for Garrett soccer warm up.But Clara wasn’t ready so we had to go back home to pick her up.On the way we stopped at the store to buy some snacks for our party.So we watched Garrett for a while then we went to the swimming pool and we were at the pool around 10:45.On the way to the pool we stopped at Lilly’s house to pick her up.Around 12:45 we done our swimming and we went upstairs to play basketball until 1 o’clock.Then Clara Lilly Chloe and I walked the Peters Park and we were at the park around 1:20.We stayed there for a while then we went to the restaurant “DQ” around 2:30 to had some lunch.Around 3 o’clock Lily left us and around 3:15 we left the restaurant then we went to Chloe’s house.We were at the house around 3:40 then we went outside to play a rolling stuff so we walked to the school to play it on the school hill then we came back at 6:30.That thing made me hurt a little bit and it made a mess on my pants because Then around 6:40 we had some hot dogs for supper.And around 7:55 Jamie went to pick us back and Chloe came to sleep over.We were at home around 8 o’clock and we went upstairs to play some game.