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Monday again!! Today, I woke up early in the morning. I walked to the bathroom and changed my clothes. When I came back to my room, I found out that last night I forgot to charge mt phone. The battery was about 24%, so I brought my powerbank to school, and charged my phone in my backpack. Today, 8th grade went to the Career Fair. It is a fair that has many booths with different activities. All the activities are about jobs that we can do in the future. Everybody has to wear their nicest clothes, I saw some girls wore high-heeled shoes and necklace, many boys wore a necktie. In the morning, we went to the Gym class, we had only one class in this morning. I don’t want to change clothes, so I just sat down and watched other people played basketball and volleyball. Sydnee changed her clothes because she wanted to play basketball. Before the class end (about 10 minutes), I felt like I really want to go to the bathroom hahaha. Then I walk to the bathroom near the gymnasium. After a couple minutes, Syd walked out from the gymnasium because the gym class was over. Syd shouted softly “Pear! Where are you!”, I heard her voice while I was sitting in the toilet. I went out from the bathroom, and I told Syd that I was in the bathroom, but I wasn’t finished yet, so I went to the bathroom again. It was 8:30 am. When I finished with the bathroom stuff, I walked out and I saw all the students in 8th grade stand in front of me, I think they waited for Me, Syd, and Emily. Syd and Emily waited for me. Most of them knew that I went to the bathroom for a long time!! T^T. The Career Fair is at the college at Greenbay. We had to get on the bus by 8:30 am. We went in the Hilbert School bus, I sat beside Sydnee near the window. Syd told me that she will walk to this booth that booth, whatever she want, and I has to follow her stick with her, so I won’t get lost. Syd went to many booths, but I didn’t like any of those jobs that Syd liked. We spent only a short time at the fair. Then we came back to school, and had lunch. I had pizza, milk, grapes, and salad. Amber gave me her bun, she asked that “Anyone wants a bun?” I told her that I want a bun. After lunch we had reading class, but today 8th grade had a test in this class again, so I had to stayed in Mrs. McGrath’s room. I just sat and do nothing. I wish I have a Thai book (Khun Chai Puttipat) with me. I brought a book called “Khun Chai Pawornruj” with me from Thailand, but I finished that when I was sitting and waiting to exchange plane at South Korea. The next class was Quest, my favorite class. Today, Will was the opener. The game was called “Red Elbow”. We had to do what Will said, like he said pink nose, we have to find something pink and put our nose on that thing. This game was very fun! Then we went to the Choir class. We watched video about a group of people perform something on stage, That was pretty cool! I liked it. The last class was Language, we read a book again. The book called “To Kill a Mocking bird. I was sleepy! My eyes was almost close hahaha. Then I came back home, today Syd had a soccer practice again, I played piano at home, I loved to play piano. The End….Good Bye!

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