Everyday I suppose to write blog at 10.00 because I just take shower finish cause of before that I have to do some homework or ate some snack after dinner. So every weekdays I have to get up like 6.30 in the morning and ate breakfast then take a shower or some day I just changes my clothes. Then we go to school with Kerry cars because we kind of far to walk to school. At school we have to read every day. But before we get in the school we wait outsides and talk or do some things. Because school is open at 8.30 but we go early because Kerry have to go for work. Kerry is a nurse. She work with Kay in the same department and others people. On Monday she work for a long time and finish at 5.30 and pick us up probably 6.00. But at Friday we don’t have to wait because on Friday she work until 4.00. It kind of fast. And almost everyday we learn math ,science ,soc. everyday and is fun. At school we have a good friends. In soc. class now we learn about geography and do maps. Also we just finish I today. In science class we learn about earth. Like water etc. At my school every student have laptop and every body do work not same like Thai that play games in computer class or do some things else. In America student is very nice and friendly. We finished school about 3.30. And have to stay ay daycares. In daycares first time I think it was very boring but when I learn to play with other student it was very fun and almost when we go to played in the GYM. I love to played basketball. Here we have break for ate lunch about 12.25 and we have recess. I almost played zombies tag. It was fun and I love to run. But here it have cold weather so my noses it cannot breath much. Today it Thursday. But it is a special Thursday because George and Pat comes visited us. For takes some pictures and ask some question and then go. Today we have music class we have to listen to music and play do some rhythm and sing a songs. It was pretty fun. So we have a lot of things to do at school. Then we get home and Kerry like to cook for us. She is a good Host Family and Jacob is a friendly host. Today when I ate supper finished I get up and start wrote by longest blog I ever wrote it before. I don’t like to use my phones so I borrow Kerry laptop and started written a blog. Today we have nachos for dinner. It was very delicious. But today we don’t played basketball outsides because we came home late cause of Kerry have to take a eye brown cuts. So we wait and then go to library. But it close. Today Kerry don’t pick us up at school but Jacob have a tennis lesson so Granpa Don pick us up to YMCA and Jacob played some tennis but I walk around and played some basketball. It was not boring but kind of fun. I sleep about 11.00 every night because I not want to sleep yet so I want to write a blogs for a long times. Today I fantastic. And this week have Brewers game on Sunday. So it was a amazing week.