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Today I woke up late. I had cereal and banana for breakfast then we went to Miller’s Fleet Farm to get the Lambeau Field Ticket to visit Lambeau Field where Greenbay Packers plays. Then we went to pet shop in Greenbay for Larry to pick up his pigeon food. Then we visited Lambeau Field and Greenbay Packers pro shop. After that we ate launch at Texas Road House and I had an smothered chicken and I ate a lot of peanuts too. Then we went to KOHL’s. Then we headed back home then I took a very longgggggggg nap. I woke up at 7 o’clock and get ready for TWIRP dance which stand for The Woman Is Required to Pay. It’s a dance party that woman asked men to go to dance party. I got asked by Jan so she had to pay for me hahahahhahahaha. After I took a shower and dressed up Larry drove me to Manitowoc Lutheran High School at 8 o’clock. I met most of my friends the party started at 8:00 pm. and end at midnight. We talked and danced a lot. I was so fun and tired. Then I went to Austin’s house with Tim and Austin. We watched the movie and fell asleep.

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