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Today is Wednesday, I had cereal for breakfast. Not Fruity Pebbles, but rice crispy and french toast crunch. Fruity Pebbles were all gone T^T, P’Pat said she will give me a big bag of Fruity Pebbles^^ cuz nobody ate it when we stayed at Divine Savior School. I went to school by school bus. The school bus came to our house around 7:20 am. We arrived at school about 7:45 am. The reason why we have to to ride a bus is because Bryce has to go to school early, he and his high school friend have to do something (I don’t know what they were doing) at Milwaukee. At 8:00 am, the Gym class start! We played the same game as yesterday double kickball. I got out again, I felt very bad when I was out. I like Thai game better >< it’s much easier than these kind of games. The second class was Spanish, we had a test again, but the students didn’t finish their test, so they have to continue their test tomorrow. The third class was Algebra. The students got their test back and knew their score. Syd got a very good score, she got 90 points out of 100. I think she is very good at every subject, especially Algebra^^. The next class was Social Studies. Every groups have finished their presentation. Yesterday’s group was the last group. Today we did the worksheet about World War 1, but I didn’t do the worksheet. We also watched CNN student news. Then we had lunch. I love school lunch^^, because it is very delicious and there were two chioce for us to choose. I had broccoli soup, chocolate milk, salad, a banana, and a bun for lunch. After that we went to the reading class, at the computer lab. I wrote my story that I will put in my on a piece of paper while other students were reading. Syd read “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. This book is very thick, but she read very fast. I felt a sleep in this class, and I was drooling too. The next class was Quest, Dakota M. Was the opener. He let us play the game that he will said a category and we have to say a word, like if he say “Animal” we have to say “pig” “dog” “cat” bla bla bla. Who say uhmmm or can’t think of something OUT!! and……I wasn’t out ^^ I think I’m good in this kind of game. Hihihi>< and if you lose Dakota will said “You were killed by…(example: you were killed by a salmon -.,-). Then we watched a video about cigarette, people who start smoking and wanted to quit. The next class was Choir, we sang My Wish, You and Me, Close Every Door. The notes is very high, I can’t sing some of the notes, but Syd can. She has a very good voice^^. The last class was Language, we read Chapter 12. It was the forst time that I didn’t feel sleepy while reading this book. When the class end, we had to wait for Bryce to came pick us, he dropped us at home and went to work. At 5:00 pm, Syd went to her Confirmation class at the church. I stayed at home with dad and Bryce. I started to pack my stuff that I don’t need in my suitcase. I talked to Pang, Lily, and Fah about the stuff that we have to bring to Chicago. Then Pang and I asked P’Pat some question by Line. We decided to asked in the same time hahaha, and when P’Pat post in the Line Group, Pang and I sent the same sticker in the group, then we told Lily to send the same sticker too hahaha! When mom and Syd arrived home, we had a dinner, we had the Lasangna, and salad. De lich ciousss meal!! After that dad say let it go to Syd, and I heard that so I started to sing “Let it go”. Then everybody laugh at me. I told them that I can sang this song in Thai, Japanese, French etc. After I finish my singing-.,- Bryce showed me a video of Miranda sings, such a funny video. I like when she did the photo booth challenge. I laugh very hard, mom and dad too. After a couple of giggling, everybody went to sleep, and I’ll go to bed now. Bye

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