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Last night when we went back in our room it had a fan machine in the room with the very wet floor.So we told P’Pat and teacher George to help us but they said it was our false that we walked out from the bathroom with our wet feet.But we knew that it wasn’t our false because we left the curtain inside of the bathtub and we put a carpet on floor so our feet couldn’t be wet.When the finished talk with us we talked about the problem that it wasn’t our false and while we were talking,P’Pat came to our room again to give me some medicine for my headache.Then they understood us because the floor outside our room wet and my dirty clothes that I put them on floor were all wet too.And that made them pretty sure that it wasn’t our false because no one will walked on the clothes but we didn’t know what was the maid do with our room.So we had to change to the other room number “406” and it took us for about 15 minutes to do that.When we finished move our stuff I had to hang my clothes to dry.Then I wanted to had some soft cookies so I needed to heat it in the microwave.While I was waiting for the cookie,I talked with my friends and when I looked at the cookies they had a smoke came out from them.The smoke was all over the room and the smell was kind of bad.When I finished throw that cookies away we went brush our teeth then we watched the movie “The wizard of Oz” until 12:45 we went to bed.In fact we didn’t watched the movie,we just talked and waited for our hair to dry.

Today I woke up at 7:15 because P’Pat and teacher George came to knock our door so I had to woke up to open the door.Then everyone woke up and we had our breakfast then at 8:20 we went downstairs.Today we didn’t want to had that noodle cups so Lily In and I baked some cookies and had them for breakfast.We left the hotel 8:45 and we walked to the Blue Line Train station again and we took the train from Cumberland station to Clark/Lake station.Then we took the Orange Line train to the State/Lake station and we changed to the Red Line train to Grand/State station.We were at the station at 10:15 then we walked to the shopping area and we stopped at the mall “Macy’s”.We were at the mall at 12:45 then we started shopping 1 o’clock and we had to meet together in front of the Lego store at 4 o’clock.At 4 o’clock everyone were there except Time then at 4:10 her came and we left there at 4:15.Then we went to the restaurant to have some hot dog and we left there at 6:10.When we finished our dinner we walked to the Red Line Train station but on the way Lily dropped her Pepsi on me.That made my leg and my foot were sticky and the problem was the socks that I wore were Fah’s socks.Next we took the train from Chicago station to the Clark/Lake station.Then we changed to the Blue Line train but the train was full so we had to divide our group in 2 groups.My group had all girls and 2 boys with P’Pat so we took the first train and the second group took the other train later.We took the train to the Cumberland station and our group was at the station at 8:05 and the second group was at the station 5 minutes later.Then we waked to the hotel and we were at the hotel at 8:20.So today our curfew was 8:30 and we had to turn the lights off at 10 o’clock.When we went upstairs we had to pack our stuff for leaving tomorrow and for P’Pat and teacher George to pack them in the special bags.After that at 9:20 P’Pat came to our room to get the pictures in our phones or cameras that we took with our host family.While P’Pat was getting my picture,I did the FaceTime with Clara but we talked just a couple and looked at each other then we ended.We didn’t talked much because P’Pat was in our room and the WiFi was too bad so we agreed to talk when I go back home in Thailand.When P’Pat left our room Lily and I talked about our favorite anime “Detective Conan” until 11 o’clock Lily went to bed.After that I continued write my blog until 11:15 I went to bed.

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