Hello Guy!
Today start to learned again…:(
Today is monday is first day for went to school ( In this week ) but to day l late 🙁 l work up in 7.15 am. is very late . When l went to school l feels tried beause yesterday ( l don’t know why is yesterday ) l sleep at very class .. but l have some class l leaned . When l break l was played kick ball and foot ball with my frinends in school and when ended break l and my friends was to learned to 12.15 am. , When my class is 12.15 am. l and my friends ate lunch and go to lunch break . In lunch break l played running . And learned to 3.00 am. At 3.10 we dance practice for school show to 4.00 am . and went to have dinner and went to learned again!! , I and plakaow went to learned hunting and about gun to 3.15am. and went to home for go to sleep.