Today was the last day in Chicago, wich I was very sad. I woke up at 7:10, get dress and eat cookies for breakfast. Then we went to the train station and went to the shopping on the walk way, we shopping for many hour. Most of the time we went in the sport shop, but I didn’t get anything. We shopping from 09:00 unit almost 11:00. After that we went to mall and eat lunch at the food cord. I eat mini corn dog for lunch, Lily and Pear eat chienken and rice. After that we went in mall and shopping, I went to shopping with Pear, Pang, Fah and Lily, we all shopping and get lot of stuff, like cloth and some candy. Mok and Mind got lot of bag, Cloth and a lot of thing. After shopping in mall, we walked in the walk way and went to eat hot dog and chip, I don’t really like the last dinner in Chicago. After we eat dinner, we went to the train station and took the train back. We walked into the hotel and start packing. After we finish picking, teacher George and Pat came in our room and help we picking. About 20 minutes latter, we write our blog and get ready for bed. I hope that next year I can come back to America again!!!!!!!!