Today I woke up and we have a breakfast. Then we watch TV and we get prepared to go to school. Then we went to school today we have gym class. When it’s gym we play badminton we draw a card to be a partner. I have the same card as Steffen so we were partner. Both of us did a good job then soon we go get changed. We went to the next class and when the school end I took a picture with some of my friends and we went back home. When we were home Cheri went back to work so I and Spencer we went to play outside with the neighbor kids we play ball tag and basketball and we went back home and today is Tuesday I went to the roller skates and I saw my friends all of the boys came I play and I fell. When I went back home I felt hurt on my knees when I look it. The blood came out and it’s so painful it makes me hard to walk and I can’t push much pressure on my legs. And I took a shower and soon I went to sleep.