Today is Friday . Last day at school . I feel very sad cause I don’t wanna leave Manitowoc . I got up at 6.30 A.M. Then I went to take a shower . Then we went to quick shop . I got chickens tenders , fired potato , and root beer as a breakfast . Then we went to school . When we arrived at school , I ate the breakfast while waiting in the preschool floor . Then when I finished eating , I went to play basketball for a while . Then I went upstairs to my classroom . I did my science review while I waiting for the first class . Then we had the first class . It was Christ Light class . Then we had math class . We had math assignment . But I didn’t finish it yet . Then I went out in break time . I played kick ball in this break time . Then we came back to study English . We corrected the English homework in the class . Then we watched the Gettysburg , the history movie . Then we had a lunch . My lunch was ham and cheese sandwich , orange , grapes , and chocolate milk . Then I went outside to have a break . This time , I played football with my friends . I played very good this time . Then we came back to study singing class . We went to study in the church . Then we came back to our classroom . We had science next . We had science test today . Then when I finish science class . My friends and Mr. Roecker had surprise for me . Because this was my last day in this school . They gave me many gifts . I was very very happy and glad . I very thankful to them . They took care me very good while I stayed here . Then Mr. Roecker had ice-cream for everyone . Then we went home . Then when I arrived at home , I packed my stuff . Then we went out to have a dinner at Four season restaurant . I have BBQ ribs , shrimp basket , salad , chicken noodle , and potato chips . Then we went to YMCA . Dad and mom dropped us at there . We came here to play basketball with my friend , Kenny . It was very fun . I got many new friends too . We stayed there till 9 P.M. Then dad came and picked us to home . When I arrived at home , I went to take a shower . Then I went to a living room for upload blog .