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Last night when we finished our cookies dough it took 12 minutes to bake so I went upstairs and continued pack my stuff.I went downstairs at 10 o’clock and the first cookies were done and we took the second one in the oven.Our cookies done at 11 o’clock so we put them in the boxes and we went upstairs.I continued pack my stuff until 1:30 in the morning then I went to bed.I had a very big problem and the problem was my suitcases were too heavy that made me nervous about their weight that it gonna be more than 50 ponds.

Today was the last day in Wisconsin that mean it wad the last day with my host family too.Last night I went to bed late so I woke up at 7:30 and I had to do my stuff done before 8:45.So I did my stuff quickly then I had a special breakfast,pancakes and turkey bacon’s.In fact we had to leave home at 8:45 but Clara wasn’t ready and our car had a problem so we left home at 9 o’clock.On the way we stopped at the school around 9:20 to drop Garrett off for his soccor practice.He gave me a hug and we left there then we went to apartment in Manitowoc.On the way there I taught Clara a whole Rubik’s cube and she could do it,first time I will cry(Seriously).So we gave a big hug and say goodbye with our tear.Then at 11:30 time to say a real goodbye,we left there and continued our tour to Chicago.On the way we stopped at the restaurant “MacDonald” to get some food then we left there at 3:15.When we got on the car I played my Rubik’s cube and teacher George tried to play it and he was confusing so I just laughed at him.We were at the hotel “Holiday Inn” at 4 o’clock and we helped each other carried the bags.Then we carried the bags to the fourth floor in teacher George room then we shared some good and snack to each room.In our room had Lily In Fah and I and our room number is “407”.We changed our shirt to the Pudgimelon blue shirt then we walked to the Blue Line Train station near by.We took the train from Cumberland station to Clark/Lake station to changed the train to the Pink Line.We were at the the Quincy station at 6:40.In fact we will be there quickly than this but when we bought the tickets for the train the machine had something wrong and we lost our time with it for about 45 minutes.We waited for it by standing with a sunny and hot weather and that made P’Preawa,one of our group member got a little bit sick from the sun.Then we walked to the skyscraper “Sky deck” but we had to wait for 90 minutes so we went to have dinner first.We walked back to the station and we stopped at Morgan station.We were at the restaurant around 7:25 to have some Chicago’s pizzas and we left there at 8:15.Then we took the Pink Line back to the Quincy and we went to the tower again.At there we went up to 103 floor and on there we saw a Chicago night view,it was very pretty.We stand on the glass and it was like we could stand in the air.The tower closed at 10 o’clock so we came down to the gift shop and we left there at 10:20.Then we walked to the Quincy station again and we took the Orange Line to the Clark/Lake station.At the station we took the Blue Line back to the hotel but we took a wrong one so we stopped at the next station,Washington.And we waited for the other train for a while then we took a right Blue Line back to the hotel.We were at the Cumberland station around 11:15 and we walked to the hotel.We were at the hotel at 11:25 and we had to got obed at midnight.

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